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Scottsdale Injunction Against Harassment Lawyer

Restraining Orders - Orders of Protection - Injunctions against Harassment

If you, or your children, are being stalked, harassed, or abused, you should immediately contact the police if you believe you may be in danger. Then contact Phoenix stalker protection lawyer, John Gaertner, about attaining the proper restraining order to keep that person away from you and your family members.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, restraining order attorney John Gaertner is prepared to immediately assist family members who are threatened or abused. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Gaertner has handled hundreds of cases involving domestic violence. If you, or family members, are being stalked, threatened, harassed or abused, please contact attorney John Gaertner as soon as possible. We will make ourselves available to assist and protect you, including procuring the proper restraining order.

Injunction Against Harassment

An injunction against harassment is a type of restraining order issued by the court to protect you (or your children) from harassment, stalking, or abuse by a non-family member (someone not related by blood or marriage). If your stalker, harasser, or abuser is a related to you, then we can assist you in obtaining a protective order (Order of Protection).

Family law attorney John Gaertner believes no one should live in fear or be the subject of harassment or abuse. That is why we make ourselves available when you need us to assist you. Remember, if you feel you may be in danger, call the police first. Also, if you already have an Order of Protection or an Injunction against Harassment, and the person you have the Restraining Order against is violating that Order and continuing their harassment, stalking, threats, or abuse, contact the local police department. In either event, after contacting the police, or if you are not in danger, you should contact us. We offer in-office consultation.

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